Evaporative Cooler Service

Your evaporative cooler needs regular cleaning to ensure it continues to perform properly as evaporative coolers collect windblown dust and pollen. This causes a build-up of dirt and grime which eventually leads to blocked filter pads, circulation pump troubles and leads to blockages within the water unit distribution system and less air flow.

Regular maintenance is highly recommended to keep the cooler running efficiently for the summer months and prevent the build-up of any dirt and bacteria and will ensure that your home will have a better airflow which will be more hygienic for the family.

Our service department operates Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm, we service and repair all major brands and models refrigerated air-conditioning systems.

Please complete the form below to arrange a service call for your evaporative cooler. Price on application.

Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 300 754 or email service@tonna.com.au

Our qualified technician will:

Remove all external weatherproof covers

Remove filter pads and clean them
thoroughly with a water hose

Clear waterways, including the bleed off system and sump

Clean basin and water pump guard

Check that the cooler Is running correctly


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