Split System Air Conditioning

What is split system air conditioning?


Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioner

Split System air conditioners are designed to condition a single room or open plan living area, they are not designed to condition a whole home.

Mounted on a small amount of wall space near the ceiling, these systems fit seamlessly into nearly any decor.


Comfort levels can be easily and precisely controlled using the infrared remote control. It is critical to the performance of a split system that they are sized correctly.


How does it work?

Inverter air conditioning systems have total control of the compressor speed in the outdoor unit. This allows the air conditioner to keep the temperature of the air flow constant so there are no fluctuations in room temperature.

With inverter technology not only are these systems super quite to run, but they are also able to control power consumption making them a cost effective alterative to heating or cooling a section of your home or office.


Stop before you shop

Never buy a split system off the shelf, they need to be sized correctly for the intended area you wish them to condition. An incorrectly sized system will result in excessive operating costs, poor operation and years of heartache.
Tonna Heating and Cooling are an independent family owned business, so unlike purchasing an air-conditioner from a bulk store, you can rest assured that at Tonna Heating and Cooling the right system will be selected for your comfort needs, not to just to meet the store’s sale quota. Our focus is purely on providing great customer service and meeting the customer’s needs.

Find the correct sized Split System

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