Brivis Contour Evaporative Cooler

The Brivis Contour Cooler is the least obtrusive evaporative cooler in Australia. Its sloping base offers the lowest profile on your roof, which is ideal if you don’t want to alter the look of your home. The Brivis Contour is also available in the five most popular roofing colours in Australia.

The Brivis Contour Cooler has unique features which make it far more effective at cooling your home than other coolers while requiring the least amount of water and maintenance.


  • The Brivis Contour is the only cooler on the market to come with an electronic winter seal (click here to watch video of seal) because the seal opens and closes electronically, it completely eliminates drafts and dust from coming into the home when the cooler is not in use.
  • The shape of the Brivis Contour’s base means it holds up to a third less water than other coolers, saving valuable water during the hot Australian summer months.
  • The SynchroDrive Pump sits in its own waterproof chamber, and is designed to be self-cleaning by spinning in the opposite direction to clear blockages, if they occur


Colour Options

Terra Red

Note: These colours are for illustrative purposes only and may vary slighly from your screen to the actual unit. We recommend visiting our showroom to see a sample of the product.