Braemar LCB Evaporative Cooler

Braemar LCB Evaporative Cooler

Built for the harshest Australian summers, Braemar evaporative air conditioning is a proven performer that won’t let you down. Renowned for its whisper-quiet operation and engineering excellence, Braemar evaporative cooling has stood the test of time and will deliver fresh, natural and healthy super-cooling, year after year, so you can enjoy summer. You won’t be disappointed, Braemar is… so clever, so quiet, so cool.

Key Standard Features

  • Stealth Fan – for super quiet operation, and to distribute more airflow
  • Auto Weatherseal – Automatically closes when the unit is not operating, and it assists in preventing drafts and heat loss in winter
  • Totally enclosed tropic proof motor – Protects the motor from rust, being enclosed makes it super quiet.
  • Timer Control – Allows you to set the cooler to turn itself off in 2,3,4,5, or 6 hours, so you can get to sleep comfortably on those hot summer nights and not worry about the cooler being on all night.


Colour Options

Slate Grey

Note: These colours are for illustrative purposes only and may vary slighly from your screen to the actual unit. We recommend visiting our showroom to see a sample of the product.