Air Conditioning Zoning

Air Conditioning Zoning

The benefits of zoning air-conditioning systems are endless. The main benefits would be the ability to cool sections of the home at once, reduce running costs and now days on some systems you can have different temperatures in zoned areas.

A lot of times, there are rooms in your house that are always warmer than others are. There can be many explanations for this. For one, heat rises, so rooms on second or third floors are often too warm as are rooms that receive long hours of sunlight – often difficult to cool down. These are just a few reasons, but regardless of why a room’s temperature is uncomfortable, there’s only one surefire way to even out your house’s temperature – system zoning.

System zoning is pretty simple. It involves multiple thermostats or sensors, which operates dampers within the duct-work of your system. The thermostats or sensors constantly read the temperature of their specific zone, then open or close the dampers within the duct-work according to the thermostat’s settings. Not only is system zoning helpful for houses with inconsistent room temperatures, but it’s also great for cooling individual bedrooms based on the desired temperature setting. If you have a usually empty guest room, just shut the door and close the zone.

Not all systems offer temperature controlled zoning; to find out which ones do or if one can be retrofitted to your existing system, give us a call or shoot us an email.


Air Conditioning Zones


Benefits of Zoning

Reduce your energy costs

Switching off unused zones not only helps reach your set temperature faster, but will also save you lots on your energy bill. For example, in a home with four zones, turning off two zones can save you up to 50% off your running costs.

Adjusting your comfort levels moderately can also make big changes to your energy bill. For instance, when cooling, increasing the temperature set-point by 1°C will reduce the amount of power your system uses by up to 10% .


Save money

A large home may require, for example, a 20kW system to effectively cool the entire home. In consultation with us, you may find that you will only ever use half your rooms at any one time – hence a 10kW system would suit. Providing a significant up-front cost saving and minimising running costs.